Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I think I've lost my mind...

I am officially pooped and a little delirious. What a weekend! No relaxation here, that's for sure. I was very busy with my photography business this weekend and I am extremely grateful for that but also exhausted.

Saturday, I photographed a 1st Birthday party for an adorable little boy. They had a golf theme which I haven't seen done for a kiddie party before. It was really cool because they actually rented a mini golf course for the backyard. So awesome! I want that for my birthday party! Haha. After chasing little kiddies around for hours to get great party shots, I had to run home to get ready for my brother in laws birthday barbecue. Had a great time but having to then chase my toddler around I got kinda pooped real quick.

Sunday, I had to get up early to hit up the bakery to get a cake for this afternoon's 1st birthday cake smash photosession. Before that I had to got do portraits of a little boy in his Christening outfit. then drove home, switched out the props in my car. Had a little break, then it was time to go do that cake smash photosession. Now, I am home editing tons of photos and taking silly selfies and seen above.

The hubby should be home with some Italian takeout soon so I think I shall take a break eat and watch some TV while waiting for Game of Thrones season finale tonight. Can someone please kill Joffrey??!! Please!! Well I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend as well!! xo